Socialscribe Help

Why is down?

Hey — I’m Kunal, the maker of Socialscribe. is down right now and so are the social-subscribe Buttons on your website.
I’ve migrated everything over to a new (temporary) domain:
I apologize for making you have to go through all this trouble but this is the best I could do in this situation.

Here’s what you will have to do:

Change the “Subscribe with Google/Twitter” links on your website to the new domain.
Old: “<username>/with/google” New: “<username>/with/google”
And you can access your Socialscribe dashboard at now. You’ll just have to login again.

Now, why all this trouble?

There was a little problem with my domain registrar GoDaddy and I’m working on getting this fixed. I didn’t want to interrupt the service for the people using it right now so I’m shifting it to this new domain but I intend to get everything back in order within a month or less.
I hope you’ll stick with Socialscribe. :)
— Kunal (@knlmsh)