Revue has sunsetted. (Learn more) And with that, this integration no longer works. Please switch your email provider.
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  1. Go to your Revue account’s Integration page
    1. Scroll down.
      Scroll down.
  1. And scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find your API Key there.
  1. On Revue, you do NOT need List ID because there is only one list, so enter anything on the List ID box, it doesn't matter.
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Known issue with Revue API

If you're a Revue user, and your account review isn't complete, your Socialscribe link will show an error. The Revue API only works for accounts whose verification is complete.
But don’t worry, Socialscribe keeps a backup copy of every email so nothing is lost.
For now, you can either wait for Revue to complete the review or contact their support to get this done faster.